Dr. Maureen teaches you how to balance all of your life's dimensions so you can...

Feel Empowered & Confident

"Often times we feel stuck and unclear about how to get what we want. I teach you to clearly see how all dimensions affect your wholeness and well-being. Providing a clear path to active personal responsibility, leaving you empowered and confident, ready to explore yourself fully, understand relationships, identify needs and self-care. You will learn how You operate and function so you can raise your awareness and expand your consciousness."

~Dr. Maureen O’Connor, N.D.

Free Wellness Assessment

"The key to empowerment is simply this: The better we know ourselves, the clearer the choices in our lives become."

~Gregg Braden

14 Weeks of Confident Self-Exploration

  • Accredited Program guided by Dr. Maureen
  • Weekly Individual Support
  • Online Study plus Live Zoom Group Sessions
  • Access to your personalized dashboard for 1 year
  • Personal Journal and Indepth Assessments
  • Opportunity for One-on-One deep healing.

Led by Dr. Maureen

Your guide is 23+ year Naturopathic doctor, healing energy practitioner & intuitive, Dr. Maureen O'Connor.

Dr. Maureen creates a fun, inspiring and engaging journey as she leads clients on a fascinating sojourn of reconnection and transformation.

Move from Stress to Active Personal Responsibility

To move forward to optimal health, were not just treating systems but optimizing health and well-being.  

Learn, Empower, Make Choices, Take Action; Design your lifestyle to acheive your highest potential for Well-BEing.

“My experience in working with Dr. Maureen has been transformational…. [I felt] safe, supported and receptive to healing.”Anna Axlund, Lifestyle Transformation Guide, InTune Health and Fitness
Dr. Maureen’s calm demeanor and gentle spirit were a joy for me … I would highly recommend … any program she has to offer.”Maureen (Burke) Williams, Owner, LIFE Leadership Company

Whole-Person Well-BEing

Discover Your Unique Balance of life's dimensions for your optimal health and vitality.

Learn how to manage these dimensions to reduce stress on deeper levels. With conscious understanding of life's dimensions you release untold Energy, Confidence and Joy


Journey as a Group

Travel together with like-minded women, empowering each other as you explore deeper levels of self-empowerment, self-care, love, communication, health, goals, potentials and transcendence.   A community lasts forever. 

Clearly Know Exactly What to Do & How

Connect to a more expansive meaning in your life.  Discover dimensions you're most motivated to change.  Actively manage steps for continuous improvement.  Set goals, wellness priorities and feel supported.   

"We are conscious co-creators in the evolution of life. We have free will. And we have choices. Consequently our success is based on our choices, which are, in turn, totally dependent on our awareness."

~Bruce H. Lipton PH.D.

Proactive Well-being

  • You will enter places of gratitude you didn’t know where there. 
  • Find opportunities to challenges you never saw were possible. 
  • Relationships will shift, most importantly, your relationship with yourself.
  • You will release your inner knowing and rememberance.  Feeling alive.   
  • This work will help support you and who you are in this world, living each day on purpose.   

Optimal / True Health

Reawaken the voice you always had, renew your mind, body and spirit.

Wellness expands beyond the physical state to many dimensions.  It is about balancing the energy being received, transformed and returned to the world around you.

Your Personal Roadmap

Health and Well-Being are a never-ending evolution.  Take the tools, support and guidence and continue to go deeper and maintain whole-person wellness throughout your life.  

Use the awareness and wisdom gained to make Choices and take Action from an expansive Conscious state of BEing.  

Sensational! My experience with Dr. Maureen has been transformational.”Alora Light, Co-founder of the Conscious Evolution Movement™
“Dr. Maureen is a very authentic person who truly cares about healing in a true holistic way.”Ann Allen, Heal You Grief - Heal Your Life