About Dr. Maureen O'Connor

Naturopathic Physician and Spiritual & Energy Healer

Dr. Maureen O'Connor ND

Dr. Maureen O'Connor, ND is a naturopath in Vancouver, WA and has been practicing for 24 years. She graduated from National College Of Naturopathic Medicine in 1996 and specializes in naturopathy and holistic medicine. Previously, Dr. Maureen spent 9 years as a Forensic Chemist.

"I'm a naturopathic energy healer who helps people find clarity, balance and ease on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels." ~ Dr. Maureen

Dr. Maureen O'Connor's work is focused upon supporting individuals on a path that empowers you to consciously and with intentional awareness, take action in your life, to live with joy, to be in states of love and feel confident growing and expanding on the ever evolving path of wholeness and wellbeing. 

About Dr. Maureen's Heart of Health Clinic

The Heart of Health Clinic specializes in working with those who are seeking answers to health problems for which they have not found solutions & who are seeking to optimize their health & live well even into old age with a focus on Bio-Energetic modalities. This is accomplished through thorough & innovative health assessments; a wide variety of safe, effective natural therapeutic modalities & remedies; therapeutic lifestyle changes, & the education about the proper care & maintenance of the whole person – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

An individualized health optimization program is created for each person so that they can accomplish their health goals in order to build a strong foundation for prevention of disease & creation of optimal health. These programs are built upon the fundamental principles of Naturopathic Medicine: 

  1. First do no harm, 
  2. The healing power of nature 
  3. Identify & remove the underlying causes of disease
  4. Treat the whole person
  5. Doctor as Teacher

Dr. O'Connor believes that:
"We each have the power to heal ourselves by tapping into our unlimited potential as spiritual beings, our true natures. This can help you to transcend your outer circumstances, to grow through your experiences and to create more happiness, love, vitality, joy and freedom in your life."

About Dr. Maureen's 12 Dimensions of Well-BEing

Dr. Maureen O’Connor guides you, deeply into the 12 Dimensions of health and wellBEing. Discover your personal, unique balance within.  Dr. Maureen carries a special gift of blending her knowledge of medicine with her wisdom from experiencing her own Unique Flow channeling spiritual and energy healing.  She is a wayshower and wisdom keeper in service to HUmanity.

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